Blowfish: A Spy Conspiracy Thriller Van Scott Fulton

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192 pages


Blowfish: A Spy Conspiracy Thriller  by  Van Scott Fulton

Blowfish: A Spy Conspiracy Thriller by Van Scott Fulton
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BLOWFISH is a spy-thriller with a group known as Powertron on a mission to destroy the world. As the clock ticks down a privately funded spy team steps in to stop Powertron dead in its tracks. With the United States spy network in gridlock andMoreBLOWFISH is a spy-thriller with a group known as Powertron on a mission to destroy the world. As the clock ticks down a privately funded spy team steps in to stop Powertron dead in its tracks. With the United States spy network in gridlock and denial, it takes a totally committed private network to attempt the impossible.

The novel begins with Brook Scott, a retired special agent, concentrating on fly-fishing on a small trout stream in Pennsylvania. He receives an urgent message from his close friend and fellow agent Keith Robinson inviting him to to meet at the Airway Club in New York City. A third agent, Robin Brown, intelligent and beautiful beyond words, escorts Brook and Keith to a hidden communication center where they are briefed on Powertron, an international cartel with the objective of overthrowing the United States Government and taking world control.

Instructions from the New York office send Brook and Keith to Las Vegas, where Patsy Buconi, an Italian-Jewish casino owner, plays an important role in assisting the private team to gather information on the Powertron players—a mix of communication specialists, martial arts experts, and world leaders. Matsumi surfaces in a martial arts demonstration and receives a standing ovation when he bows and touches his head to the mat seven times while displaying his polished teakwood leg.

Katseko, a communication specialist from Japan, emerges from a private stealth jet camouflaged as a US military plane. The spy team heads to the Kari Morgan residence in Kentucky where Kuwait Charlie shows up to purchase one of the high-priced thoroughbreds at the Keenelande Horse auction. Kuwait Charlie, smooth and debonair, turns on the social charm enough to briefly throw the private spy group off the trail. Brook, the more experienced of the private spy team, recognizes his deceit and continues to track his every move. The private spy group discovers an organization called The New World Order, set up to divert attention from Powertron, which has abducted dozens of corporate America’s black sheep who are subjected to mind control at a training camp in Papua New Guinea.

The private spy group uncovers a weapons stockpile on the border of Iraq and Iran with acres of missiles and germ warfare labs staffed by many of the world’s brightest scientists who have been co-opted by Powertron. After demonstrating a newly developed zombie virus, they demonstrate their scientific prowess by having the spy group sleep in decompression chambers that stop the aging process.

As if the private spy group didn’t have enough on their plate, they watch in horror as Wall Street crumbles. The United States looks like a cratered moonscape with its electrical grids totally destroyed. Americans know what it feels like to live in a third world country with little hope for the future. Once the most powerful nation in the world, the US is now under military rule. Survival encampments serve as a temporary band-aid to the catastrophic conditions. With an all out effort to stop Powertron’s world takeover, the private spy group succeeds in capturing Kuwait Charlie in their super atomic submarine.

He demonstrates to the spy team how he can communicate with his brainwaves by receiving a message on the submarine’s printer from Patsy Buconi in Las Vegas. A Pakistani freighter mysteriously shows up and sends its special diving team down to capture the three operatives who break loose with their prize Kuwait Charlie transported back to the submarine for interrogation. By wiring Kuwait Charlie to powerful electrodes, Robin takes him to his breaking point by teasing him with sexual tricks and torture—yielding Powertron’s secret code for destroying the Universe.

As tension builds, Kuwait Charlie gives the command to begin the detonation. But out of desperation, he aborts the program, thereby sending shockwaves of information bits rolling throughout the Universe.

The novel concludes with a spectacular surprise ending.

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